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Next Generation Wildfire Solutions

We provide critical water networks and technology designed to confront catastrophic wildfire and meet the goals of The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

Building and Maintaining Fire Resilient Landscapes

Used in conjunction with existing prescribed fire techniques, WildFire Water Solutions can expand the number of acres treated during prescribed burn activities while reducing the risk of uncontrolled burning.

Fire Adaptive Communities

Deploying temporary and permanent WWS systems preventatively around neighborhoods, critical utilities and infrastructure assets, valuable agricultural and recreational areas, as well as rural communities and other high-value assets to mitigate fire risk and protect life and property.

Safe and Effective WildFire Response

Incorporating into direct suppression activities to help create fire lines, protect structures, and directly support aviation and front-line fire-fighting efforts.

Scalable High-Volume Water Networks

Systems of pumps, pipes  and storage are intelligently linked for critical water supply.

Rapid Deployment to Remote Locations

Highly trained response teams can deploy quickly in remote and rugged terrain.


Industrial-level automation to deliver water where and when it’s needed.

water storage tank

Massive Storage, Small Footprint.

Mobile, high-capacity storage from 2,000 to over 2,000,000 gallons per tank.

Sustainability Minded Automated Technology

Remote access to water networks improves safety and reduces your footprint.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

WildFire Water Solutions’ dedicated and trained personnel, miles of high-rate, high-pressure hose, Aquaview-automated pumps, tactical deployment systems, and multiple high-volume water storage options are used to provide custom-designed and engineered solutions. Our scalable systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure and wildland fire operations.

Whether it is a temporary emergency deployment or a permanent preventative protection project, you can be sure that our services will be tailored to your needs.

Gallons Per Hour

Project Scale

A Case for Wildfire Water

Wildfire Water Solutions worked alongside local fire fighters to quickly and effectively extinguish a catastrophic Oregon mill site blaze through rapid deployment, scalable high-volume water networks, and automated water delivery under pressure. 

Our Technology

Water Transfer Hose & Pumps

  • Tactical, mobile, rapid deployment systems
  • Fully-automated, diesel and electric transfer pumps with Aquaview automation
  • High-volume, high-pressure water delivery hose from 4” to 10”
Wildfire Water Solutions above ground water storage

Water Storage

  • Mobile above-ground storage tanks (from 2 thousand to 3 million gallons)
  • Permanent design and construction of water storage facilities and impoudments
  • Mobile “Tac Tanks” with up to 20,000 gallons of storage

Engineering & Logistics

  • Proprietary Aquaview automated network with real-time 24/7 monitoring, feedback and control of water delivery
  • Proprietary, pre-job engineering, planning and response
  • Impoundment mapping (drone & boat surveys) and advanced leak detection systems

Our Water Conveyance expertise Stems from Over 15 Years of experience

We deliver an uninterrupted, high volume of water from point source to suppress critical wildland fires across the United States. With decades of both wildland firefighting and water conveyance logistics, experience and expertise, Wildfire Water Solutions can establish water networks where they are needed most.

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